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A free webinar series to help you market and grow your business.

Are you an ambitious startup, established small businesses, or a successful entrepreneur who wants to formalize your marketing efforts, increase your visibility, and grow your audience and your business?  Midweek Marketing is for you. 



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Midweek Marketing is a nine-session webinar series that shares smart, effective marketing strategies with startups and small business owners who want to grow and get more impact from their marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a brand new business, or established and ready to grow, Midweek Marketing will challenge you to market on a higher level. It was designed to turn you into an effective, efficient marketer fueling better outcomes and abundant opportunities for growth.

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Rebecca Mead of INQ Creative & Consulting

Rebecca Mead is an entrepreneur and creative consultant with a passion for helping startups, small businesses, and non-profits communicate more effectively so they can grow and advance their missions. She founded INQ Creative & Consulting to champion small organizations, increase their visibility, and help them communicate more effectively through smart marketing outreach. inqcreative.com

Partner Webinar Hosts
Giulia Gouge, Agents of Branding

Sixteen years in full-service marketing agency life, an adventurous spirit, and the love of stories led me to start SheSoSocial, LLC in 2010. After I found like-minded peeps in 2017, I joined Agents of Branding.

Basically, giving Small Business A Big Voice is what drives me. Putting the social in Social Media for a variety of clients as consultant, planner, and advertiser, cultivating audience and customers for Sexy Liberal Tour, Sight MultiSpecialty Center, Publish Your Purpose Press, Kathryn Sollman, Scottish Creations, Specialty Wire, and The Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce.

Coming from a background in marketing — from research to strategic brand implementation, for such organizations as Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Children’s Hospital, Smilow Cancer Center, Scandinavian Airlines and WNBA’s Connecticut Sun — the growth of online communications is fascinating to me because it is a conversation changer, LITERALLY.

Cheryl Rice, Outreach Strategies

Cheryl is the founder and CEO of Outreach Strategies, B2B-focused marketing communications, and public relations consultancy. She began her career in the television industry, working as a writer and producer of commercials, station promotions, and award-winning children’s programming. After television, she then transitioned to corporate marketing communications, focusing on product strategy, brand management, and public relations.

She also has worked in media relations and public policy for local non-profits including the Connecticut Humane Society and the Connecticut Technology Council, and she serves on the Board of Directors of the MIT Enterprise Forum. Cheryl was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and she holds a degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She now lives in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


The live webinar series has concluded. All webinars are available for on-demand replay.

Webinar One:
JUNE 17th

How to Create a Simple, Agile Marketing Plan for your Start-up and Small Business

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” While that sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. A simple plan will help you be clearer on your products, services, audiences, and the channels to reach your audiences. It will also help you decide where to spend your marketing budget, and set a clear path for what you need to do – how, where, and when – to reach your potential customers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of how to put together a basic marketing document that will cover most of your early business marketing needs, including:


  • The format of your marketing plan
  • Simple rules to follow
  • Understanding your products and services
  • Understanding your audience
  • Working out what channels to use
  • Creating an action plan

Webinar Two:
JUNE 24th

Right Message and Right Platform: How to Develop what to Say, and Where to Say It

Consumers are presented with over three thousand marketing messages per day. So how do you create marketing messages that cut through the noise, are memorable, resonate with your audience, and encourage them to take action? And once the messages are developed, how do you choose where to share them?

In this webinar, we’ll provide a framework for developing marketing messages for each customer segment, and how to determine the right platforms for you to reach and engage with your audiences.

Webinar Three:
JULY 7th

Value of Communications when Starting Your Business… and Beyond

As a new business, developing and maintaining consistent communications with your target audiences and stakeholders is critically important – not only to build your brand and generate sales, but also for superior customer service and establishing you and your business as an expert voice and thought leader in your industry, and beyond.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the “80/20” rule for developing and maintaining strong communications for your business.

Webinar Four:
JULY 8th

E-mail Marketing for Start-Ups and Small Businesses

Despite declarations to the contrary, e-mail is still the number one way to communicate with customers. With conversion rates that outperform social media, creating and maintaining email communications with your prospects and customers will build your brand, deliver value to your audience, and grow your business.

In this webinar, we’ll cover best practices for subject lines, design considerations, automation and nurturing campaigns, and metrics to evaluate your success. We’ll also discuss how to set a schedule that you can stick with so that subscribers stick with you!

Webinar Five:
JULY 15th

Smart Social Media Part 1: Planning
with host Giulia Gouge of She So Social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, SnapChat… the list goes on, and so do your options when it comes to social media platforms. So how do you choose the right channels for your business?

During this webinar, Giulia Gouge of She So Social will discuss the opportunities social media brings to startups and small businesses, which platforms are best suited for your business type, and how to develop an efficient and effective social media plan that allows you to be engaging and grow your business, but that won’t consume your every waking hour.

Webinar Six:
JULY 22nd

Smart Social Media Part 2: Execution
with host Giulia Gouge of She So Social

In part two of our social media webinar, Giulia Gouge of She So Social will talk automation and integrations that will help you save time with your social media posting so that you can focus more on the “social” of social media and encourage engagement with your audiences. We’ll also share fast and easy ways to measure your effectiveness and which metrics mean the most for small businesses.

Webinar Seven:
JULY 29th

Essential PR Tools and Tactics for Start-Ups and Small Businesses
with host Cheryl Rice of Outreach Strategies

Public relations is one of the most effective ways for startups and small businesses to tell their stories and gain attention. If done right, press coverage can be tremendously cost-effective and high converting, with media placements having six times the visibility and three times the credibility of advertisements. But how can small businesses garner the kind of attention they need in order to increase brand awareness and gain new customers when they are up against much larger, more established businesses?

In this webinar, Cheryl Rice of Outreach Strategies will share strategies for finding the right media outlets, developing a PR calendar, and coming up with compelling stories that the press will find valuable.

Webinar Eight:

Measuring Your Marketing Part 1: What to Measure

How do you know if your marketing efforts are working? How do you measure the return on investment for your campaigns? If you’re not measuring your marketing outreach, you’re missing out – not only on knowing if and how your time and resources are affecting your business growth, but also missing out on opportunities to make changes to influence the success of future marketing initiatives.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the metrics you should be monitoring for your website, your e-mail, and social media channels, and benchmark against industry-specific metrics as a guide.

Webinar Nine:

Measuring Your Marketing Part 2: How to Measure

In part two of our marketing measurements webinar, we’ll dive into the ways to find the data you need to measure your marketing effectiveness. We’ll also provide a template for a marketing dashboard so you can start tracking how your outreach efforts are driving growth for your business.

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